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PDF File

Portable Document Format (PDF)
All PDF documents on the MPFO Web site are characterized by the above or similar graphic icon . This icon is usually placed next to the document link.

PDF is an acronym for "Portable Document Format." PDF is a file format created by Adobe that lets you view and print a file exactly as the author designed it, without needing to have the same application or fonts used to create the file. Since its introduction in 1993, PDF has become an Internet standard for electronic distribution that faithfully preserves the look and feel of the original document complete with fonts, colors, images, and layout. Further, PDF products are independent of platforms, applications, and distribution media.

To display or print these documents, you must download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat® Reader. The free Adobe Acrobat® Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF documents. If you prefer, online conversion tools to obtain the document in text format are available from the Adobe website.

If you are having difficulty viewing a PDF document on the MPFO web site:
1. Make sure you have a recent version of an internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
2. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
3. Download the PDF file directly to your hard drive, bypassing the Acrobat Reader plug-in, and view it locally. Right-click the link (Internet Explorer & Netscape) or place the cursor over the link and hold down the mouse button (Mac OS), then choose "Save Target As", "Save As", or "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu. In the "Save As" dialog box, you may simply note the file name and location provided for the PDF file, or specify a name and/or location of your choice. Pay attention to where you saving it. Click "Save". View or print the PDF anytime by running the saved file (usually by double clicking the file) or use Adobe Acrobat® Reader to open the file.
4. Be patient -- occasionally PDF documents have large file sizes and may take longer to download/view than other pages online. Depending on your internet connection, download times will vary.
5. Try again later. It's more probable that there's a bottleneck on the Internet somewhere between you and us than a problem with a particular file or our server (although, server hiccups do occur).

Note: These are only some of the factors that may present a problem when attempting to download or print PDFs. If you continue to have problems with Adobe Acrobat® Reader, please visit the Adobe Web site for more details.

How to obtain a PDF Reader
Versions of Acrobat Reader exist for all major computer platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Sun, UNIX and several other operating systems. To download the reader, you'll need a computer and a Web browser (such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) connected to the Internet. If you are using a modem to connect to the Internet, it may take you extra time to complete the download. Please follow the instructions on the Adobe Acrobat® download page to install the Acrobat Reader.

Accessibility and PDF's
Adobe Systems, Inc. is producing various products designed to make PDF documents accessible to persons using screen reading software. Their accessibility webpages describe their efforts. They also have a free downloadable accessibility plug-in called, MakeAccessible. The MakeAccessible Plug-in creates a tagged Adobe PDF file from an untagged PDF file. This allows a PDF document to be read by a screen reader for greater accessibility.

Other Acrobat Add-ons
Once you've downloaded and installed the Acrobat Reader, you'll be able to view PDF files simply by clicking on the link to the PDF file in your browser. Either the browser will handle the PDF file, or it will bring up another program for viewing the PDF file. Either way, a special window will appear that contains buttons that work only for PDF files. Use these buttons to navigate through the file.

If you want to print the PDF file, you must use the print button located within the Adobe Acrobat viewer (usually this is just above the document on the left side). Use of the browser print button or the browser's "File, Print" command will not result in a correct printout.

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Word File

Word Documents
All Word documents on the MPFO Web site are characterized by the above or similar graphic icon . This icon is usually placed next to the document link.

MPFO makes wide use of Microsoft Office in it's day to day operations. Consequently, many documents on this web site are made available in the default Microsoft Office format. A common solution for visitors without Microsoft Office software is to acquire and use a Word Viewer, for viewing Microsoft Word documents. Microsoft Word Viewer, is a freeware product that allows you to view and print Microsoft Word documents. Like previous versions of Word Viewer, the latest version can also open documents created with all previous versions of Word for Windows and version 4.x and later of Microsoft Word for Macintosh. You cannot edit an open document in Word Viewer. However, you can copy text to the Clipboard to paste it in other applications.

Excel File

Excel Documents
All Excel documents on the MPFO Web site are characterized by the above or similar graphic icon. This icon is usually placed next to the document link.

The Microsoft Excel Viewer allows users to view and print Excel spreadsheet files, in addition to other Excel for Windows (versions 2.0 and greater) and Excel for the Macintosh (versions 2.2a and greater) spreadsheet files. This small, freely distributable viewer gives you the flexibility to view page layout, copy and control cell sizes, and access the zoom and AutoFilter features. This viewer also supports OLE DocObject as well as the ability to view any Excel file. This is a freeware application and can be downloaded from this site by clicking this link.

Powerpoint File

Powerpoint Documents
All Powerpoint documents on the MPFO Web site are characterized by the above or similar graphic icon. This icon is usually placed next to the document link.

The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions. This freeware application also supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can view and print presentations, but you cannot edit them in the PowerPoint Viewer. The viewer can be downloaded from this site.

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