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Thank you for your interest in the Miss Texas Lone Star Princess program! We hope you will make the decision to join our organization in this exciting endeavor.

The Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant Lone Star Princess Program is for young ladies (ages 6 – 12). The purpose of the program is for the local Miss Texas titleholder to mentor these young ladies who may have an interest in competing someday in the Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant and who are interested in community service. The Princesses will have the opportunity as provided by the local pageant director and local titleholder to be a part of the titleholder's year.

We want our princesses to be involved! You decide the level of involvement in regard to time and opportunity. There are several functions that we highly encourage our Princesses to take part in. The first is the preliminary pageant each fall when we crown our new titleholders each year. We introduce our princesses on stage, and depending on their age, we have found they love to help out with some of the aspects of the pageant (helping out at the concession stand, handing out program books, etc.) They also love sitting in the special VIP section of the auditorium.

Another event the princess's love is our Miss America Workshop and Little Miss pageants. They have fun being the "stars of the show" and having the opportunity to work with the titleholders. Princesses also enjoy participating in the different aspects of our titleholders state pageant preparation. From going on appearances and riding in a parade, to shopping for competition wardrobe, and going to Princess Luncheons you can be assured your little princess will have the time of her life. Many princesses love to have their mentor visit their school, classroom or Church Youth Group. They enjoy being the official hostess!

Each princess will receive a crown, a sash, an official t-shirt, and tickets to the Miss Texas Pageant for herself and her chaperone. She will participate in the week of Miss Texas pageant program gown competition, perform in the Lone Star Princess production as a part of Miss Texas Pageant program, and so much more. Every year the Lone Star Princess walk away having been mentored learning, growing and most of all, having FUN!

We also include our Princess Mom's in all the fun. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on during the preparation of a Miss Texas contestant, you're in for a treat! Our mom's are a great source of help to us as we hold mock interviews, schedule appearances for our titleholders and princesses, and help us get the word out about our wonderful organization. Your daughter will have a ball, but we promise a lot of fun for you as well!

We hope you will consider our program and if you want to learn more, give us a call at (972) 800-9125 if you have any questions.

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